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Review: “The Midnight Dance” by Nikki Katz

Phew.  Ok, that was a tough read, and boy am I glad it’s over!  I really can’t think of many more ways that The Midnight Dance could have let me down. via GIPHY It’s only 320 pages long and took me a month to read, and I’ve got to admit, from the 40% mark I was...

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Animal Rescue and Failed Adoptions

Working in animal rescue is rewarding.  Seeing dogs that have been abandoned, abused and neglected grow and flourish into happy, healthy little personalities is such a joy. But, it’s hard work.  Owen and I work exclusively with Bull breeds, and they’re strong,...

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Review: ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is a tough book to rate.  Its characters are two-dimensional and generally either unlikeable or forgettable, the antagonists are like cartoonish caricatures of an evil corporation, everything that helps resolve the plot is just a little...

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Review: ‘Experimental Film’ by Gemma Files

Experimental Film shows first-hand how a first-class concept isn’t enough to carry a novel.  Gemma Files is incredibly knowledgeable about film, and it certainly shows.  I was not at all surprised to find out she was a film critic and screen-writer in Canada.  But it...

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The Mass Effect Franchise in Review

I’ve come quite late to the Mass Effect franchise.  Despite it being my most recommended game series to date, I just never really felt the urge to pick it up.  With such an extensive Steam back catalogue, and being primarily an MMO player there have always been other...

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Virago Press are doing #BooksforChange for the month of March.  Every day we get to share our most influential and favourite female writers and female characters.   I can't wait to see everyone else's favourites and maybe discover some new books to read! On day 1 of...

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Review: ‘Rattle’ by Fiona Cummins

Rattle won’t deliver anything new or provide any unexpected twists and turns, but what it does provide is a pretty gripping read that I devoured in only a few sittings.  Fiona Cummins gives us a strong, albeit formulaic, addition to the crime thriller genre that...

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Review: ‘Perfect’ by Cecilia Ahern

Perfect is the second (and it seems final) book in Cecelia Ahern’s Young Adult Series Flawed.  Everything that made Flawed such a surprise was still there, but somehow Perfect just doesn’t pack the same punch. Celestine North was the perfect teenager until she runs...

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Review: ‘Fir’ by Sharon Gosling

Sharon Gosling’s Fir was an interesting addition to the already extensive collection of YA horror, but like many books in the genre didn’t quite live up to expectations. Fir tells the story of the Stromberg family, who leave their comfortable inner city Stockholm life...

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Review: ‘The Doll Funeral’ by Kate Hamer

The Doll Funeral was a novel that attempted to be a great many things, and proceeded to be none of them with great aplomb.  It had the potential to be a touchingly deep story about domestic abuse and the difficulties of coping with adoption, both as the adopters and...

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