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Tony Robinson Introduces autobiography ‘No Cunning Plan’

September 1, 2016

I’m surprisingly excited for the release of No Cunning Plan by Tony Robinson.  Not least because of his reference to one of the greatest television characters of all time in the title.

I’m usually not a fan of autobiographies.  I’m never sure how truthful they are, and I think they smack of ego.  That said though, occasionally there comes an autobiography that does excite me, and this is one of them.  I couldn’t get through Stephen Fry’s Moab is my Washpot.  I wanted to gouge my eyes out with rusty spoons while attempting to read Anthony Kedis’ Scar Tissue.  In the interview below for No Cunning Plan Robinson rightly points out that most of what we know and love about him comes into existence with the character of Baldrick, which was not until Robinson was 38!  That’s an entire life lived before Blackadder that remains largely a mystery to me.  And the fact that it is still largely a mystery actually makes me think more of him and therefore more interested in reading the book.

You can see the interview for yourself here.  I guess we’ll all find out if the wait was worth it on September 22nd when the book is released.

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