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The Great Steam Project

August 17, 2014

According to an article at, 37% of all games purchased through Steam go unplayed!  At first, I reacted with shock at the relatively high percentage, but then realised I was shocked that the number wasn’t higher.

When I looked at my own Steam library I realised I had nearly 70% of games that I’d never even touched.  A lot of the time when sales come up (The Steam Summer Sale is literally my favourite time of the year) I will buy games as they’re cheap with plans to play them later, but with games releasing at such a fast pace, and MMO’s being designed to literally take over my life (I’m looking at you Guild Wars 2) I find I just lose the motivation to play anything that hasn’t actually got me excited.

For some reason, my Steam client had an error which meant that it simply wouldn’t connect.  The general online consensus to fix it was to re-install Steam so that’s what I’ve done.  Because of that I now have to re-install all my games.  So,  I am taking this opportunity to install and play through all my bought games one at a time, giving them a write-up and review on completion.

First game I’ll be playing from tonight is EA’s Alice: Madness Returns.  I’m a big Alice in Wonderland fan, which is why I bought the game in the first place.  Hopefully, it lives up to my expectations.


Wish me luck!  Only 59 games to go after this one…

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