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The Sims 4: Converting Eyemasks

March 29, 2016
The Sims 4

One of my favourite things in The Sims franchises has always been making the sims.  Most of my CC is hair, eyes, skin and clothes so one day I will make the perfect Sim.  My partner Owen calls it ‘barbies for adults’ and he’s not half wrong.  Even when I play RPGs the character creation is usually the part of the early game I spend the most time on.  If a character is going to be an extension of myself for the foreseeable future, I at least want them to be perfect.

For some reason, most of the current custom content eyes for The Sims 4 seem to come in the form of eye masks which you can find under full face makeup, rather than as custom colours where the actual eye colours are.  I don’t know why this annoys me so much, but it really does.  It means that a sim’s children will never be born with the same eye colour, and you have to custom select it for each outfit.  I just don’t like it.  I’ve been told that there are numerous reasons for this, mainly that you can edit a sim’s eye colour without a cheat, and at times the eye colours can be buggy, but it still just drives me mad.

So, I have started converting eye masks to show up under eye colours in the game.  It is time-consuming, but so very, very easy!

First, you will need to download both Sims4 PE at  It is still in Beta but works perfectly for this.  When you click on the website it does look like one of dodgy adware revenue pushing sites, but it is legit.  Secondly, you will need Sims 4 Studio which you can download after registering on the forum here


Now, to convert the eye masks!

  1. Download whatever eyemask .package you want to convert
  2. Open the .package in Sims4 PE
  3. Right-click on the file with RLE2 tag. This is the texture file. Select Export to DDS
  4. Open Sims 4 Studio. Once you have put in your creator name, select Add CAS Part Swatch under the CAS button. Hit the CAS button once this has been selected.
  5. Select part type Eye Colour, and then select any eye colour you wish to edit and hit next.
  6. Under the ‘Texture’ tab, select import texture and load the DDS file that you exported from Sims 4 PE earlier. The new texture you selected should now show up on the 3D model and you can select a thumbnail colour of your choice.
  7. Hit save and the new eye is now ready to be put in the game.  It will show up with the thumbnail colour you selected as CC in the game under eye colours!

If you convert several eyes you can package them into a single .package by opening Sims4 PE, creating a new .package and dragging and dropping all the desired .packages into the window. Once you hit save they should all be consolidated.


Hope that helps some others who don’t like their eyes as masks.  It shouldn’t have made such a big difference to my game, but it did.  Once you have the hang of it it should only take about 15 minutes to convert up to 30 eyes.

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