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13480671If you could see me now, I am literally shaking my head in disbelief at Insurgent. What brief but ultimately redeemable features Divergent had is completely turned on its head in Insurgent. While the premise of the dystopia didn’t make sense in the first, at least Tris was a relatable and strong character, and while there was a romance blossoming between her and Four, it took a back seat to the rest of the plot which was a blessed relief.

Not so in Insurgent. Instead, in this instalment, we are treated to characters who are virtually unrecognisable from their originals in Divergent. Gone is the strong willed yet conflicted Tris who is brave yet selfless, gone is the darkly brooding but passionate Four who would protect Tris at all costs. Instead we are given some generic angsty teens whining about love and trust. Lots of kissing, embracing and whinging instead of the bravery I’d come to expect from the first book.

While everyone is having a good old cry and Tris has a completely cringeworthy ‘God’ moment in the Amity compound, not a lot else is happening. Roth gives the illusion of an action packed romp to uncover a mystery that will challenge their very existence, but apart from am all too brief attack on an enemy compound and a near death experience for Tris which all works out a little too conveniently, not a lot happens apart from Tris feeling guilty and Four being a bit of a Douche.

And the ending…oh god the ending. Jeanine’s entire plot of evil revolves around keeping one very specific piece of information secret. This information is meant to change the world, and is so life changing that Tris allies herself with a person she has no reason to trust against a person whom she has every reason to trust. Makes perfect sense right? Apparently this secret is so huge that it can’t possibly be told, it has to be seen! So they go on an epic adventure to storm the castle where they will finally be able to see this great mystery for themselves…on a video. Which explains nothing, and serves only to highlight the ultimate stupidity that is the basic premise of this completely lacklustre trilogy.

I don’t know why I’m doing it to myself, but I will be reading the third. I really am a sucker for punishment.

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