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Review: ‘The Forest Feast Feast Gatherings’ by Erin Gleeson

July 17, 2016
The Forest Feast Gatherings

Forest Feast Gatherings Cover

Just everything about The Forest Feast Gatherings is beautiful. The photography is stunning (can I move in with you please Erin Gleeson?) and the recipes on the artistically decorated watercolour pages are just such a beautiful touch. The ingredients are accessible, the recipes simple, and from the one or two I’ve tried out, absolutely delicious (although my heart did sink a little at the fact that she used tea bags for iced tea instead of loose leaf…).

That said, I did find a lot of the prose a bit grating as it was almost painfully middle class. It spoke of a level of lifestyle almost unattainable to the average citizen, which belies the availability and attainability of the ingredients. I think this might put off a lot of people who would have a lot to gain from a cookbook like this.

Still, the positives far outweighed that one negative, so I certainly won’t hold that against it. It’s a great addition to any kitchen and makes vegetarian entertaining simple and a joy.

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