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Review: “Flawed” by Cecilia Ahern

April 16, 2016

One day Cecilia Ahern got bored writing the same romance novels over and over. She read ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy and then read the ‘Divergent’ trilogy and thought “I can do that.” And then proceeded to do that, exactly.

But here’s the surprising bit; Flawed is really good! It is miles ahead of the Divergent series, and while not as good as the first hunger games book, took what Katniss should have been and made Celestine that. Celestine makes her own choices and is weak but strong in the face of that weakness. She’s intelligent and unwilling to be manipulated, but aware of the danger and weakness of her situation.

I would have liked some more development of the satellite characters, but Flawed had some genuinely moving and tragic moments. I read the whole book on a flight, and despite not being terribly original, I found it impossible to put down.

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