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Welcome to I Blame Wizards

My name is Pamela Koehne-Drube and I am a freelance writer, researcher and historian.  I’m an avid reader, avid writer, and this is my blog to showcase my work, opinions, reviews and loves.

If the Simpsons have taught us anything, it’s that all the inconsistencies in the world of science fiction and fantasy are fixed by one simple statement;  a wizard put it there.  Magic seems to be the answer to everything.  The things in my life that I love are that magic for me.  History, books and games are my passion, and I want to share it so others can share in that magic.

I am an Australian ex-pat currently living Paphos, Cyprus with my partner from South Wales, composer Owen Gurry, and a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tonks.

I am available for freelance research and historical consultancy through my website, Consulting Historian.

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